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Financial calculators for all your financial needs.

Home Loans

How much home can I afford?

Home Affordability Calculator


Mortgage amount you can afford: $____

Your debt to income ratio is ___%.

Results based on annual property taxes of $1,430 and homeowner’s insurance of $429.

What would my mortgage payments be?

Mortgage Calculator


Principal and Interest $____
Property Tax* $____
Home Insurance* $____
Mortgage Insurance* $____

* Estimates based on national averages.

How will an adjustable rate affect my mortgage payments?

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator


If Rates Decrease:

Initial Monthly Payment $____
Minimum Monthly Payment $____
Total Mortgage Amount $______

If Rates Stay the Same:

Monthly Payment $____
Total Mortgage Amount $______

If Rates Increase:

Initial Monthly Payment $____
Maximum Monthly Payment $____
Total Mortgage Amount $______

How much can I borrow from my home equity?

Home Equity Calculator


in a home equity loan or line of credit

Vehicle & Boat Loans

What would my auto payments be?

Auto Loan Calculator


What would my boat payments be?

Boat Loan Calculator


What would my RV payments be?

RV Loan Calculator


What would my motorcycle or ATV payments be?

Motorcycle/ATV Loan Calculator


Personal Loans

What would my loan payments be?

Loan Calculator



How much should I save to reach my goal?

Savings Calculator


How much will my certificate earn?

Certificate Calculator


after ___ months

Results do not include potential taxes on dividends.

Credit Cards

How long will it take to pay off my credit card?

Credit Card Payoff Calculator


Total interest $____


How much can I contribute to an IRA?

IRA Eligibility Calculator

Where can I find this on my tax return?

Do you participate in a retirement plan at work?


Non-deductible Traditional IRA

  • You
  • Spouse

Deductible Traditional IRA

  • You
  • Spouse

Roth IRA

  • You
  • Spouse